Guidance Awareness Week 2017

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Created on Monday, 23 October 2017

The Angelicum College Guidance Counseling and Testing Department celebrated its annual Guidance Awareness Week last September 18-22, 2017 with the theme, “Unite the League…Be a Hero in your Own Way! “. The theme made use of superheroes as symbolic representations of values and virtues like Superman representing Truth and Justice, Batman for Peace and Order, Wonderwoman- Equality, Ironman- Generosity and Innovation, Dr. Strange- Talent and Creativity, Aquaman-Preservation of Nature etc. But the real hero was not forgotten, who is none other than our LORD, JESUS CHRIST.


The first day, September 18, 2017, a ribbon cutting event was held which started with a prayer led by Ms. Carisa Sanchez, followed by the welcome message of the Head of the Guidance Counseling and Testing Department, Ms. Wednesdee-Perpetual A. Acasio.  From the guests, Ms. Nazal and Ms. Galang were invited to do the part of ribbon cutting which marked the opening of the Guidance Awareness Week Exhibit. The succeeding days had been filled with activities. The contests given to the learners from YS 1 to Senior High School captured the essence of the week-long celebration, showcasing the artistic abilities, outstanding imagination, and creativity of  learners. The winners of the GAW contests were the following:

YS 2- Drawing Contest

1st Place  -             Zakia Niel Lorenzo              -               Moderator: Ms. Doromal

2nd Place -             Anika Fabia                           -               Moderator: Ms. Barba

3rd Place -              Emmanuelle Nillas             -               Moderator: Ms. Candole

YS 3 -      Poster-Making Contest

1st Place  -             Jean Ezekiel Dioquino        -               Moderator: Ms. Bautista

2nd Place -             Zoe Benig                             -               Moderator: Ms. Viray

3rd Place -              Jaziel Gaetos                       -               Moderator: Ms. San Pedro

YS 4- Collage Making Contest

4W4       -               Moderator: Ms. Nangit

YS 5- Poster and Slogan Contest

Princess Ann King               - Moderator: Ms. Ingles

YS 6- Poem-Writing Contest

Isabel Laqui                          - Moderator: Ms. Ritual

YS 7- Painting Contest

7W3- Blessed Columba - Moderator: Ms. Lumtong

                Fatima Abbas

                Shana Eco

                Asha Bernaldo

Lorenz Chua

YS 8- Photo Essay Contest

8W3       -               Ania Kirsten A. Bangalan                  -               Moderator: Ms. Mangahas

YS 9 – 5-Minute Infomercial

1st Place -              9W1-St. Hyacint                  -               Moderator: Ms. Chavez

2nd Place -             9W3- St. Lorenzo Ruiz       -               Moderator: Ms. Felix

3rd Place -              9W2- St. Rose of lima        -               Moderator: Ms. Estrada

YS 10- 5-Minute Jingle Rap

1st Place -              10W2-St. Vincent Liem dela Paz     - Moderator: Ms. Jaurigue

2nd Place -             10W5- St. John Macias     -                 Moderator: Ms. Fidelino

3rd Place -              10W4-    St. Agnes of Montepulciano- Moderator: Ms. Castro

YS 11- 5-Minute Film

1st Place -              11W3

2nd Place -             11W4

3rd Place -              11W6

Senior High School           - Write-up on Heroism    -               Earth Cornito


Aside from the contests, a film viewing for YS 7 to 11 was held with the movie “The Mighty” for YS 7 and “Iron Giant” for YS 8 to 11 which taught important lessons about heroism. Last day, September 22, 2017, the final celebration ended with two seminars, one facilitated by Mr. Roland Marvin Madrigal who gave a talk on Mental Health to college students in the morning and Ms. Wednesdee-Perpetual A. Acasio gave a talk on Mental Health to all Angelicum employees in the afternoon. 

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