The challenge to stand out, to be noticeable amidst the crowd, is a long-standing behavior, characteristic of human beings, that is encouraged by society, embedded into our culture. We aspire to be original, to showcase our skills, to mark our place in the world. And we must. We have been bestowed with God-given abilities that deserve to bloom and be seen, some of them very evident while others are just waiting to be tapped and unearthed.

However, we sometimes resort into looking to other people, pretending to be someone we are not, just to satisfy that innate desire to be outstanding, even to be great, when all we need is to look within. To be ourselves.

Here in Angelicum School of Iloilo, we bank on our distinctiveness as a learning institution as we guide young people in their academic pursuits, in the early stages of their life-journeys, with the hope that in the process, they also find their distinct selves. Their uniqueness.

Here, it is about them being themselves.

Ever since it was founded in 1978, Angelicum, along with other Angelican schools, has sought to prioritize learning in a way that students will not feel threatened or daunted by the learning process itself. The distinct way of education that Angelicum has always promoted and carried has proven time and again its effectiveness, its alignment to actual development, and to the pursuit of excellence in general.

What makes the Angelicum brand of quality education unique?

Coursing from the overall Dominican Philosophy of Education, Angelicum’s identity stands on the acknowledgement that education is a process where the learner is in a continuous state of becoming a better person. It transpires within. It also recognizes that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and those differences make everyone unique in and of themselves. And who everyone truly is important to us.

With this in mind, Angelicum has pioneered a non-graded, open-classroom approach of learning, emphasizing individuality and honors the students’ perspective of their own development.

With the non-graded approach, the students’ progress is not hampered by a timeframe and is determined by their capacity to learn. This allows them to master a set of skills first before moving on to the next, ensuring that they are actually prepared to take on the next level. The open-classroom principle is all about learning not limited by four walls; it believes that learning happens wherever students are. The learning process is set within the classroom but is not confined to that. The whole world is the students’ classroom.

The non-graded and open-classroom type of education pushes for learning at pace value, individualized learning, mastery learning, and continuous progression. This allows students for an education not disrupted by unnecessary pressure, with a genuine and thoughtful approach to the students’ academic journey, which will then sufficiently set them up for a very successful life ahead.

That is the Angelicum brand of education. The Uniquely Angelicum way.

The school has been blessed to have this kind of learning experience bear fruit, with alumni excelling across different fields.

Dr. Renee Anne Karmela Feliciano, MD (Batch 2005) is one alumna who said, “The non-graded system of Angelicum School aims for mastery and excellence through independent learning.”

ABS CBN news anchor Philip Stanley Palisada (Batch 1985) said, “Grades don’t matter when real learning happens. The lessons and values are more lasting than what would have been just marks on a report card.”

Having outstanding individuals who can attest to Angelicum’s educational approach is a very encouraging reminder but we also wanted to create something that, when we see it, it serves as a message to every young learner, that they only have to be themselves to begin their learning journey.

We set the tagline and the logo as: Uniquely+Angelicum.

The plus sign symbolizes that Angelicum has a positive impact on the students through the non-graded education. It means that here, by allowing students to learn at their own speed, by unveiling and discovering themselves, they will have more edge, more independence, and more cooperation, rather than competition.

This is the Uniquely Angelicum way.