Angelicum goes from blackboard to Blackboard Learn!

Angelicum School of Iloilo welcomes SY 2021-22 by maximizing technology and using Blackboard Learn as its learning management system.

The challenges brought on by the pandemic have allowed Angelicum to explore opportunities to level up and take its educational system to new heights.

Blackboard Learn is a virtual arena wherein learners can have access to online modules, as well as other academic services. The learning management system by Blackboard, Inc. has features that encompass communication, including channels for announcements, discussions, email, and chat; and content, with the availability of a calendar feature, activity streams, assessments, assignments, media library, and other materials needed for the learner’s development.

Blackboard Learn is used by higher education institutions, government agencies, and business firms worldwide. Dominican schools, especially the UST Tradition Schools (UST Manila, UST Legazpi, UST Angelicum College, and now, Angelicum School of Iloilo) utilize this learning tool.

Angelicum has always banked on its distinctiveness and the continuous improvement of its unique education, caring for and nurturing its learners, the Uniquely Angelicum way.