Angelicum School Iloilo Launches Their Official Website With Prosperna

Angelicum School Iloilo is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new website at, through a partnership with the eCommerce technology company, Prosperna.                       

Angelicum School Iloilo, as a pioneer in the non-graded, open-classroom approach of learning in the country, emphasizes the individuality of its students and honors their perspective of their own development.



Spurred by a longtime desire to cater to the personal needs of each learner, Fr. Rogelio Alarcon, OP, the first prior provincial of the Philippine Dominican Province, established the Angelicum Schools - Quezon City in 1972; Teheran, Iran in 1974; and Iloilo in 1978.
From then on, Angelicum School Iloilo has devoted its efforts in promoting a culture of individualized learning, at the learner’s maximum pace, with excellence and continuous progression - all wrapped in the Dominican ideals of truth, charity, justice, and fortitude.                       


Angelicum School Iloilo is on a mission to be the leading basic education institution in the region that provides quality education in a non-traditional way.                       

The pandemic demanded a lot of businesses and schools to rethink their strategies for survival, and technology has been the gateway for them to adapt and thrive in the “New Normal.”

Through a partnership with Prosperna, they become more accessible to Filipinos worldwide!                       

In less than a month, they have developed a fully-functioning website, at a rate faster and more affordable than other services they looked at.

Through the Website Builder, Angelicum School Iloilo can continue offering its services to Filipinos from all over the world.                       


The website functions for both marketing and selling purposes, designed with the latest practices and modern aesthetics.                       

It is also equipped with functionality, easy access, and the essential information to help people navigate online and create a fully contactless transaction for their convenience.

You can now visit Angelicum School Iloilo online anytime, anywhere!
For any suggestions, questions, comments please contact us on our website.